For our carpet cleaning services, we happily move most items. Very heavy pieces (full dressers, bookshelves, etc), delicate furniture, or items that are very large (queen size bed) often are not moved, but able to be cleaned around/under in such a manner that all exposed carpet is cleaned. We will walk through the job with prior to starting to discuss which pieces should be moved, and which pieces should stay put. We also base our pricing on the area that is cleaned, meaning that it can often be more economical to clean around items which are not expected to be moved.
All of our cleaning agents are non-toxic and biodegradable. A typical job sees us use 30-40 gallons of water, which ensures all cleaning agents (as well as dirt, dust, bacteria etc) are thoroughly flushed from the carpeting
Our equipment is specifically designed to recover virtually all of the moisture used. We use an industry leading gasoline engine powered truckmount (20 horsepower), that has a large blower flowing over 320 cfm, large recovery hoses, and a state of the art titanium carpet wand that is specifically designed for water recovery. Humidity, air flow, and certain other conditions have an impact overall, but you can expect dry times of 4-6 hours. The moisture is applied at approximately 450 psi, which is ideal for cleaning carpet fibers, but not so vigorous as to penetrate beneath the backing. As such, the padding and subfloor stays dry.
Most carpeting manufactures recommend “hot water extraction” methods, and many warranties require this method of cleaning. In our experience, we find it is the most effective at removing deeply imbedded dirt and contaminants. However, low moisture cleaning is also very effective, and that method is available as well, should you prefer it. Carpet is dry in under 2 hours using the low moisture method.
Our equipment is installed in trailers and vans, and stays well away from the interior of your house. While it does make some noise, it is mild and no worse than a lawnmower. However, we will need to leave a door or window cracked about two inches to allow our hoses to pass through. If you have pets that may be a flight risk, please have them secured so that they do not venture outside.
Of course! Please just be sure to have clean shoes, or bare feet to ensure any dirt on the bottom of your shoes doesn’t transfer to the slightly damp carpet (which would act as a damp sponge and clean off your shoes)

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