Susquehanna Clean offers a variety of extremely effective and affordable for your commercial facility, whether it be retail, restaurant, office space or hotel. A description of our services for these facilities is below.


Low Moisture Encapsulation

Many commercial buildings require frequent carpet cleaning that is effective, economical and quick drying.  Low Moisture Encapsulation (often referred to as VLM for very low moisture) can accomplish all of those objectives.  Susquehanna Clean proudly offers a variety of VLM solutions utilizing the best equipment, processes, and cleaning solutions in the business today.  We have a VLM solution in place for office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings and other facilities that range from lightly soiled to extremely dirty and neglected.


Hot Cleaning Solution Extraction

While VLM is appropriate for many commercial cleaning needs, carpet impacted with excessive amounts of dirt, grime, grease or deeply embedded allergens may need the flushing action of  susquehanna Clean extraction equipment. This method utilizes a high pressure pump to inject heated solution into the cleaning surface and then extract the soil and solution with a powerful blower.  While the dry times required are longer than VLM, in almost all circumstances the carpet can be dry prior to the business opening for the new day.  This accomplished with a careful planning of the cleaning route, selection of the right cleaning agents and pre-treatments, use of our most powerful gasoline powered equipment and lastly utilization of drying fans and dehumidifiers.  For very large buildings or buildings with many stories, portable high pressure, high vacuum systems are available to perform an extraction cleaning.  In most cases, extraction cleanings are more vigorous and time consuming.  As a result, extraction cleaning generally is more expensive than VLM.


What’s right for me?

Susquehanna Clean will meet with you to review the condition of your carpet and recommend a solution for corrective cleaning and a maintenance program.  We will work with you to plan the best solution to your cleaning needs, keeping quality, dry times and budget at the top of the list.  In many cases, a combination of cleaning methods can be appropriate to gain the right mix.  For example, it may be appropriate to utilize hot solution extraction on soiled or neglected areas and VLM is lesser trafficked portions of your building.  Other times, a hot solution cleaning followed by periodic VLM cleanings is whats required.  Susquehanna Clean also offers monthly invoicing where the cleaning needs can be scheduled for the calendar year, and invoiced monthly regardless of when the cleanings are scheduled.  In this fashion, the costs of maintenance can be built in to your monthly budget and spread out over the year.  Call or email us to schedule a no obligation estimate where we will review all options with you.

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