Susquehanna Clean utilizes an industry leading wood floor cleaning system that safely strips the floor of contaminants and dirt, leaving the beautiful finish for you to enjoy.  Floors with a poly coating often become dull with the fine scratches that occur over time in daily use. We also offer wood floor preservation coatings post cleaning that bring back that original luster and leave a protective layer of poly and acrylic that fill in the minor scratches and restore your original finish.  This wood preservation coating also is a great way to extend the life of wood floors that are not yet dull and scratched from use.  Please note that this finish is not a substitute for refinishing.  Floors that are in need of sanding and refinishing are not suitable for this system.  If you are not sure if your floor is a candidate, we would be happy to provide a free analysis and estimate.  If we find that the floor is instead in need of refinishing, we will be happy to refer qualified refinishing contractors that can handle this for you.

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